Best 5 Plugin for Speedup your WordPress website

If i am not wrong you are one of those ones who are panic with their website speed. Sometimes you blame your hosting provider also. but if you know propers use of plugin than some plugin can help you to speed up your site. A faster website can help you to carry users and develop in SEO also.

Now we discuss some of the plugin names which you need to know.

  1. WP Rocket: Its best plugin for WordPress till. It is a Paid Plugin.






     2. W3 Total Cache: Its most popular caching plugin use in WordPress. It has lots of options.

     3. Wp Super Cash: Its is more popular WP plugin. Its a fully free plugin and great organization.

     4. Sucuri: Sucuri one of the best WordPress plugin.

5. Hosting Default Optimizer:  You can use you hosting default optimizer from your cpanel.

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